Psychological Evaluation of “Insane” Ideologies

On the Anniversary of 9/11, “Mass Insanity” by Theo Alistair proves increasingly relevant as it provide a valid reflection on the consequences of historical events and the pressing issues of our modern era. 

Mass Insanity review

On the solemn anniversary of 9/11, we are honoured to share that “Mass Insanity” by Theo Alistair has received a review on BookTrib.

Liberty in Print are delighted to find that the review is not just thoughtful, but also carries an unmistakable air of objectivity. With its discerning critique and astute observations, the reviewer delves deeply into the book, genuinely striving to comprehend its main idea.

The reviewer, Wyatt Semenuk, praises Alistair’s talent for conveying complex topics in easily digestible prose, attributing every claim to credible sources: “Alistair’s research is thorough, as is his passion and clarity of writing.”  He writes: “Alistair raises the question: Can a body of people be responsible for the acts of a few? ” and concludes: “In Mass Insanity, the answer is yes.”  

Mass Insanity is recommended  for readers interested in sociology, psychology, religion, and geopolitics.

This review is a testament to the thought-provoking nature of “Mass Insanity” and Theo Alistair’s dedication to exploring complex societal issues. It invites readers to engage with the book’s arguments, examine its sources, and draw their own conclusions. If you’re a fan of literature that challenges conventional thinking and sparks discussion, “Mass Insanity” is a must-read.