A New Year’s resolution

A New Year’s resolution

Turn your life into a beautiful journey. These steps may not be easy and certainly, they are not a magical solution but they are doable and effective.

Failure is never fatal

Failure is never fatal

Hope is the perception of being able to create means to achieve goals and to motivate yourself to employ these means until you get there.

Prince Harry of Sussex

Prince Harry of Sussex, the Conqueror

From the podium of the United Nations, Prince Harry of Sussex took the high moral ground to lecture the Americans on how to run their country and attacked the American Supreme Court. What could be the potential outcome of such a speech?

Kamala Harris with a King Cake.

Marijuana. It gives people joy.

Kamala Harris said when asked about the psychoactive drug that: “Half my family is from Jamaica; are you kidding me? And I did inhale”, and also: “It gives a lot of people joy. And we need more joy in the world”.

Karl Marx monument in Chemnitz

Karl Marx’s opium

Different people accepted Marx’s ideas for different reasons. There are the dreamers, the psychopaths, the self-serving and the attention-seekers.
Psychopaths have been fascinated by the writings of Karl Marx for decades.