SNEAK PEEK: Edinburgh Nights


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A humorous novel by Joseph & Laura T. Baker

When a group of guys and girls meet at the psychology department of Edinburgh University while pursuing postgraduate studies, romantic, satirical, and exciting events unfold. The characters, some of whom are therapists themselves, find themselves in all kinds of psychological dilemmas.

There’s Gabriella who is always about to mercilessly break up with someone whom she was madly in love with less than a week ago. She wanted to quit even after she graduated. There’s George who is an American intellectual searching for the perfect girl, the dream job, and his Irish roots. Anna is a Russian princess – or at least that’s what she thinks – studying psychotherapy to help everyone but most importantly herself. Ilenia is an artist who doesn’t know why she’s here. Then there’s Tom who is obsessed with the adverse effects of religions on people’s psyche. Andrew strives for a world where people don’t suffer because of who they are – but that doesn’t include any of the people he despises. Sara would rather party every night than touch a book.

They fell in love with the city, and every night brings a story that begs to be told.

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198 x 129 mm