Thank you for considering us for your work. We value the opportunity to explore new manuscripts and are passionate about supporting emerging authors.

Your creativity and dedication are what make our industry thrive, and we would be thrilled to learn more about your project. 

Journal contributions

Contribute to our journal by emailing us your article. We value submissions with a strong grounding in science. 

Each submission undergoes a meticulous review process, with remuneration agreed upon individually to reflect the quality and significance of the contribution.

Our initial response time is typically within a week.

Book manuscripts

We have a particular interest in non-fiction that enables readers to understand various topics in an accessible and captivating way, whether it is in physics or biology, psychology or history, economics or politics. We occasionally consider exceptional fiction submissions.

For all projects, please include a covering letter with a short bio, and a sample chapter or twenty to fifty pages of material. Additionally, if you are sending us non-fiction, please include an outline setting out the aims of each chapter. For fiction submissions, please provide a synopsis of your work.

By submitting any material, you confirm that you are the sole owner and author, and that you have the exclusive right and authority to submit it to us without the consent of any other party.