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by Theo Alistair

Mass Insanity tackles three pressing questions: firstly, the mass migration of Muslims to the West and its implications for the immigrant communities and the host societies. Secondly, it discusses the prospect of the relationship between the Muslim world and the West. Mass Insanity reveals the root causes of the perpetual conflicts engulfing Muslim countries and their consequences for affected populations as well as other regions of the world.

In order to answer these questions, the author discuses Islam as an ideology, practices, and as institutions. He analyses the Quran, Mohammad’s sayings, and the sharia laws with focus on controversial issues to show if Islam is compatible with the modern values or not. Questions such as how Islam views women, non-Muslims, art, music, science and slavery are discussed directly and honestly. The book contains a concise historical review of the Islamic invasions, slave trade, piracy and civilization. The persecution of Jews, Christians and Hindus by Muslims over the centuries is examined thoroughly. Mass Insanity also draw attention to various overlooked social and economic problems of the Muslim communities in the UK and other European countries. The radicalisation of Muslims born in the UK as well as deradicalization programmes are examined carefully.

Alistair uses theories of social, clinical, and forensic psychology to examine the Islamic radical mindset. Through comparisons with other religious and non-religious totalitarian ideologies, he highlights the principal psychological mechanisms behind suppression and conformity. Finally, the book examines the identity crisis Western societies are currently facing.




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